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Welcome to the Practice of Dr Aidan O'Colmain

Flu Vaccine (2017/8) is now available.  Contact the surgery to make an appointment.  A number of special clinics will be run to ensure everyone is covered.  Vaccine is free if you are over 65 and have a medical or DV card.  Otherwise there is a small administration charge.  It is recommended to get the vaccine for anyone under 65 with: diabetes, chronic kidney or liver disease, COPD, asthma, immune deficiency, on cancer treatment, pregnancy, some blood disorders, some neurological disorders

Diabetes Mellitus   This is a chronic condition that is increasing in prevalence in Ireland and many other countries.  More information can be found on this website under the section "long term conditions".  If you have diabetes you will know how important good diet and exercise are in managing your condition.

Be sure to take a look at the following websites for more information:; 

ZIKA Virus:   Zika virus is a mosquito-borne virus.  A large outbreak of Zika virus infection is ongoing in Brazil since April 2015 with up to 18 countries affected as at 23 December 2015.  It mostly causes a flu-like illness and patients recover completely.  More recently, there has been concern about cases associated with microcephaly in babies (when pregnant woman gets infected).  This condition causes small head size in the baby and can cause mental retardation and underdevelopment.  If you travel to Brazil or other affected countries in South America and Central America, take precautions to avoid mosquito bites.  There is no vaccine available as yet.  (update March 2016)

All patients 70 years of age and over are entitled to a medical card or doctor visit card.  Application forms can be obtained from reception or from the HSE website

UNDER 6 GP Visit cards:  Under 6 children who don't have a current medical card, can now apply for  a GP Visit card.  The scheme is operational from 1st July 2015. Parents should register their under-6 children at    You will need the child's date of birth and PPS number.  If the child is under 6 weeks, just the date of birth will do.  You go to the list of doctors available from the drop-down menu and will find Dr O'Colmain's name among them.   Please note the scheme entitles your child to free GP attendance, free out-of-hours attendance (for urgent care) but NOT free medications.  If you wish to discuss any of these issues with the doctor, please do so.

MEDICAL CARD CHECK: to ensure your medical card is valid and in date text 'CHECK' the following number 087-9097867.  You will get a reply very quickly.  DO NOT RELY on the expiry date on the card - your card could still be invalid even if the expiry date on the card is some time in the future.  Remember it is up to each person to ensure their card is vaild and that you complete and return the review forms to the HSE. 

When a person turns 16, they get their own card, separate from the rest of the family. You should get a form from the HSE to make this new appliction; if not, ask at reception. The application can be made several months BEFORE the person turns 16.

New babies can be added to the parents' card once a PPS number is available.  This number can be got once the birth is registered.  Please inform the receptionist of this PPS number and we can add the baby staright away on-line

MEDICAL RECORDS: See the "Practice Policies" [sidebar, no 10] to find out about how your medical records are stored and managed.

Pneumoccal vaccine (against pneumonia) now available free for everyone over 65 and those with chronic illnesses (e.g. diabetes, heart and lung disease, kidney and liver disease). Ask your doctor if you should get it. If you get the first vaccine while you are under 65, you will need 1 booster shot after 5 years.

If you are travelling abroad make sure you discuss TRAVEL VACCINATION with your doctor well before you go, especially if you are travelling to more exotic locations (this could include popular sun spots like Turkey and Egypt).  You may need to get some shots 4-6 weeks before you travel.  See the travel vaccination section on this website.  Ask the doctor about recommended Sun Screens and Insect Repellents to bring along.


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