Joint Injection

Dr O'Colmain has a special interest in Joint Injection.   Joint and soft tissue injection is a valuable treatment for certain arthritic and non-arthritic conditions.  These include:

** painful shoulder
** tennis and golfer's elbow
** heel pain (plantar fasciitis or policeman's heel)
** Achilles tendonitis
** osteoarthtitis (small joints of hands and feet, knee, AC joint)
** biceps tendonitis
** carpal tunnel syndrome
** thumb tendon synovitis (de Quervain's)
All of these injection treatments are fully covered by private health insurance.  Dr O'Colmain is a  registered doctor with VHI, LAYA, IrishLife Health (formerly Aviva), GloHealth, ESB medical, Garda medical
Unfortunately, they are not covered by the Medical Card system.  However, the treatment is provided at a reduced rate for medical card holders.  If you are not a registered patient with this practice you can still avail of this service - just ask your own doctor to refer you here.
You can request an appointment by emailing:

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