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Welcome to the Practice of Dr Aidan O'Colmain

ON LINE APPOINTMENT SCHEDULING:  Please note it is not possible to book an appointment using the on-line booking page on this website as it is not yet integrated into our computer software.  IF YOU WISH TO REQUEST AN APPOINTMENT, please send an email to  and we will get back to you soon.

COVID-19/Influenza/RSV infections 2023/4

Please wear a face covering if you have respiratory symptoms

You may be advised not to attend in person - phone advice can be given

IMPORTANT:  Please inform staff if you have any of the following symptoms:

   -- fever

   -- cough

   -- breathing difficulties

   -- loss of the sense of taste or smell

these may indicate Covid19 infection.   Please do an Antigen Covid-19 test before attending the surgery (and bring the result along with you in a plastic see- through bag).

It is not too late to get flu and covid vaccination.  The surgery provides flu vaccination;  its' covid vaccination programme is completed, but you can attend a pharmacy

MEASLES in Romania (2023/4)


if you are returning from Romania with children, and when back in Ireland, if your child develops a rash with respiratory symptoms, please inform the medical staff as a test for measles virus will be required (saliva test)



Influenza vaccine is  available for 2023/4 and it is still recommended

Our Covid booster vaccination programme is over but vaccines can be obtained from the HSE vaccination centres or certain pharmacies.

Pneumococcal vaccine is also recommended for over 65s and those with chronic medical conditions, like heart and lung disease, diabetes, etc.  This is availabale all year round

Shingles vaccine is recommended especially for anyone over 50, even if you have had shingles in the past.  It is a series of 2 injections 28 days apart.  Cost is €500 that must be paid upfront when the vaccine is ordered.

Diabetes Mellitus   This is a chronic condition that is increasing in prevalence in Ireland and many other countries.  More information can be found on this website under the section "long term conditions".  If you have diabetes you will know how important good diet and exercise are in managing your condition.

Be sure to take a look at the following websites for more information:; 

MEDICAL CARD CHECK: to ensure your medical card is valid and in date text 'CHECK' the following number 087-9097867.  You will get a reply very quickly.  DO NOT RELY on the expiry date on the card - your card could still be invalid even if the expiry date on the card is some time in the future.  Remember it is up to each person to ensure their card is valid and that you complete and return the review forms to the HSE. 

When a person turns 16, they get their own card, separate from the rest of the family. You should get a form from the HSE to make this new application; if not, ask at reception. The application can be made several months BEFORE the person turns 16.

New babies can be added to the parents' card once a PPS number is available.  This number can be got once the birth is registered.  Please inform the receptionist of this PPS number and we can add the baby straight away on-line

MEDICAL RECORDS: See the "Practice Policies" [sidebar, no 10] to find out about how your medical records are stored and managed.


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